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Casa dei Boschi is situated in the Tuscan hills surrounded by vineyards, olive groves, fruit trees and forests.

The location, the climate, the organic farming as well as the traditional harvesting and pruning methods result in our wonderful produce.


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Local produce

Casa dei Boschi Olio extra vergine di oliva
The combination of the favourable location in the Tuscan hills, the climate, the organic farming, the traditional harvesting and pruning methods as well as the state-of-the-art extraction techniques results in this magnificent product.

This rich golden liquid produced each year by Casa dei Boschi with much passion is of a very high quality.
The extra virgin olive oil is made of olive varieties indigenous to Tuscany which are harvested by hand each October. The olive oil has the aroma of freshly cut grass and light notes of peppery rocket leading to a delicate finish and a deliciously sweet aftertaste.

This oil is good for bread dipping but it is also suitable for cooking. Use it in soups, pasta sauces or drizzle over grilled meat, pizza or warm vegetables such as green beans, artichokes or broccoli.
Olive oil consists of 70% monounsaturated fats and traces of the anti-oxidant vitamin E having beneficial health effects. It stimulates metabolism, promotes digestion and lubricates mucous membranes. It also aids the absorption of vitamins and minerals and stimulates the gall bladder. Olive oil does not contain cholesterol.
Prices green square bottle
100ml. €  3,50
250ml. €  8,00
500ml. € 15,00
750ml. € 21,00
1000ml. € 26,00
Prices tin can
250ml. €  8,00
500ml. €  15,00

Ceramic hand-painted 'tin can'; 500ml. (€ 29,00)
Square glass decanter with hand-painted bottle stop; 750ml. (€ 17,00)
Glass olive oil/ balsamic vinegar decanter; 250ml. (€ 30,00)
Olive oil can; 500ml. (€ 22,00)

The prices mentioned do not include the olive oil!

Home-made jam
The home-made jam is of a very good quality and prepared solely with sunripened fruit and natural ingredients.

The jam is sold in jars of 210ml. and comes in the following flavours:
Home-made jam
Strawberry Apricot Fruits of the forest Blackberry Raspberry Cherry Kiwi Red onion (120ml)
Blueberry Plum Fig Mango Pineapple Peach Khaki
The jars cost € 3,40 each. 
You can find more pictures of our local produce on the 'Photo gallery' page.